Is email marketing dead?

Is email marketing dead – Marketers who will answer yes to this question will make a big mistake nowadays

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Many marketers abandon their email marketing scheme to go with social media.
Email marketing continues to be one of the most successful and cost-effective means to get to clients.
It’s undoubtedly much more efficient as well as reliable than social media advertising.

The average order worth from an email sale is more significant than three times more than that of social networks.
Still, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for small businesses. According to the Data & Marketing Association, on average, email marketing sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for companies in the United States.
Email marketing is simple to take care of, provides you full control, and allows you to develop direct contact with your consumers.

Do you really Need Email Marketing?

1. There are over 3.9 billion email users worldwide
In hindsight, there are now over 3.9 billion email users, meaning that more than 50% of the world’s population is reachable via email.
Of course, you should continue your efforts with social media and SEO techniques.

2. Email marketing is more effective at acquiring customers than social media.
A joint study by and Forrester Research found that 85% of US retailers consider email marketing to be one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.

is email marketing dead?

3. The return on investment for email is 4400%.
For every dollar a company spends on an email campaign, you could potentially get a refund of $ 44. Compared to other customer acquisition channels with an average return of 1: 3, email is the best here.

4. 91% of buyers want to receive emails from companies they are approving.
Buyers are actively looking for new offers, discount codes, exclusive access to sales, and email is still the most preferred channel for consumers to receive this information.

5. Email may influence purchasing decisions.
According to Hubspot, 59% of consumers say promotional emails help them influence their purchasing decisions.

6. Personal and customizable
In email marketing, what you really do is segment your audience into lists and send each one a customized email that resonates with the reader and can provide something of value, according to Campaign Monitor, marketers who used segmented campaigns have seen increase revenue by 760%.

Remember that by using email marketing correctly, you can address individuals individually by name, share specific topics with only certain members of your list, and ultimately reach their inboxes.

email marketing dead

7. Email marketing is the best retail channel.
Consumers like promotional emails, retailers also find it the best strategy to acquire and retain customers.
Research shows that over 80% of business owners rely on email marketing to optimize customer acquisition and retention.

Other customer acquisition tactics favored by retailers include search engine marketing, content marketing, and social media, but even these tactics are insufficient when it comes to retaining customers.

email marketing dead

8. Email is a great tool to get to know your customers better.
41% of companies obtain data from the results of email marketing campaigns.
Product reviews and email polls are also great ways to gather information.

So for the question: is email marketing dead? The answer is NO.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Service

Choosing the best email marketing solution that suits your needs is essential to your business. Even if a particular marketing business is popular in the marketplace, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best solution for you. It is very easy to be dazzled by the variety of possibilities as there are so many email marketing options available in the market.

Here are some of the basic things to focus on when choosing an email marketing solution:

  • Ease of Use: It is vital that the email marketing solution you choose is easy to use and is compatible with your organization.
  • Automation: Usually, all the solutions offered to automate email campaigns, but each does it differently. See precisely how different devices automate your projects and find out if they are helping to meet your needs.
  • Industry: Some services only cover specific markets. For example, ConvertKit was explicitly created with bloggers and publishers in mind. If this does not apply to you, you must use a service that is much better suited to the requirements of your particular industry.
  • Price: Of course, the tool you choose must fit your budget.
All-in-one digital marketing platform
No phone supportStarts at $15 per monthOnly 30-days trial period
ConstantContactEvent management agencies PR agenciesEvent management
High deliverability rate
Poor price-performance ratio
Limited automation
Starts at $20 per monthOnly 60-days trial period
AWeberAll kinds of agenciesEasy to use
Reasonably priced
It doesn’t provide A/B testing or a way to use Facebook pixels
Some of the templates look a bit dated
Starts at $19 per monthFree plan is available
Content creators
Effective visual automations builderLimited A/B testing functionalityStarts at $29 per monthOnly 14-days trial period
Cross-Device email testingPricing is not scaling wellStarts at $20 per monthFree plan is available
Advanced automation optionsNot a lot native integrationsStarts at $10 per monthFree plan is available
Email send time optimization
Unlimited number of contacts
Sometimes slow customer supportStarts at $25 per monthFree plan is available

Final thoughts – Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing continues to be one of the most successful and cost-effective means to get to clients.

Most email marketing providers offer similar services.
When it’s time to choose the best email marketing software for your business, consider your budget and try to define your marketing needs.

The above list will help you make the right decision for your business. Remember that you are never locked into a given email marketing service. In most cases, you can export and import leads and transfer your lists to another supplier.

To help you make a better decision about which one best suits your business needs, we suggest two steps:

To help you make a better decision about which one best suits your business needs, we suggest two steps:

  • please write down your business goals and try to match them to the functions of each platform
  • then take advantage of the free trials offered on a given system and try to evaluate which platform is better suited to your needs.

We recommend checking out our reviews of Getresponse and Sendinblue.

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