Connecting GetResponse and WordPress

CONNECTING GETRESPONSE AND WORDPRESS – Grow your list, track site visits, and send eCommerce data with GetResponse for WordPress.

connect getresponse and wordoress

Before you can take full advantage of your chosen email marketing tool, you’ll need to integrate it with your WordPress site. Otherwise, people won’t be able to subscribe to your mailing lists in the first place.

Connecting GetResponse and WordPress allows you to add website visitors to your contact list, update contact information, track website visits, and upload eCommerce data to GetResponse.

It also helps keep your list growing and provides access to contact information and e-commerce data for planning successful marketing campaigns.
You can add your GetResponse landing pages to your WordPress site as a page.

To start using GetResponse for WordPress, follow the instructions below. You will be able to install and activate the Plugin and select the appropriate options.

Connecting GetResponse and WordPress process prerequisites

PHP version 5.6 and above (7.2 is recommended)
cURL library installed and loaded
SSL certificate installed and enabled

Note: The list building options in each of the plugins are available to all users as part of their account type (Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max).
The e-commerce features are available only in Plus, Professional, and Max accounts.

Connecting GetResponse and WordPress – Installing the Plugin

To start using “GetResponse for WordPress,” you need to install and activate the Plugin and then link your GetResponse account.

  •  Log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to the Plugin’s menu and click Add New.
Connecting GetResponse and WordPress
Connecting GetResponse and WordPress
  • In the search field, enter “GetResponse for WordPress”.
  • When you find it in the search results, click Install Now. After the plugin installation is complete, it will appear in the side menu.
  • To activate a plugin, go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins, find GetResponse for WordPress and click Activate.
integrate  GetResponse and WordPress

To connect your GetResponse account, navigate to the GetResponse for WordPress menu, and follow the following steps.

GetResponse and WordPress connection
  • Go to your GetResponse account and navigate to menu>>Integrations and API>>API. 
GetResponse and WordPress together
  • Click Generate API key and copy the generated API key.
  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard and click Account while in the “GetResponse for WordPress” menu.
  • Paste the GetResponse API key you’ve just generated. (If you are a GetResponse Enterprise client, tick the checkbox to confirm you have the Enterprise package, choose your account type, and enter your GetResponse Enterprise domain).
  • Click Connect.

Your Plugin is now set up and ready for use.

Connecting GetResponse and WordPress – Features available

GetResponse for WordPress offers various list building features that can expand your contact lists and other features, including updating subscriber information, tracking customer behavior, and collecting customer data.

Build options list

Grow your contact list by encouraging your customers to sign up using the available list building options and inbuilt integrations with contact Form 7 and BuddyPress Plugins.

The available options include:

  • Add GetResponse forms on your site and any of your blog posts.
  • Add an opt-in checkbox in comments and registration forms.
  • Add an opt-in checkbox in the form of other WordPress Plugins such as contact form 7 and BuddyPress.

Web event tracking

GetResponse for WordPress lets you track all visits to your site. You can use advanced search options to identify guests who recently visited your site. You can create segments and plan your next email campaigns.


Built-in WooCommerce integration allows you to add customers to your subscriber list and send e-commerce data to GetResponse.

The data includes consumer analytics, such as, for example, spending behavior, basket structure, and purchases made over a given period of time.

This data is automatically transferred to GetResponse and can help you make informed decisions about your business.

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