ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels Review 2021 – Is It Worth the Price Tag?

clickfunnels review

ClickFunnels – what is it?

It is a tool that helps entrepreneurs acquire customers through sales funnels. The founder of this startup is Russel Brunson, who quietly revolutionized online marketing.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages.
You can find more information about funnels here.

Considered one of the best tools for creating sales funnels, ClickFunnels has gained recognition from the very beginning, becoming one of the largest marketing companies on the market.

 More specifically, it’s about providing software companies that will help them turn site visitors into customers. No wonder ClickFunnels has grown so much in such a short time.

Whether you choose to use it or not, this is a crucial player everyone in e-commerce and online marketing should be familiar with.

ClickFunnels will also help you:

  • save money and time.
  • Will increase your conversions sharply.
  • You have a vast number of ready-made designs, what the sales funnel should look like.
  • You can also create such funnels from scratch.
  • We also have a great affiliate program called Backpack.
  • You will also have an excellent email marketing tool that will save you a lot of time.
  • Easily create webinars.
  • A huge community on Facebook that willingly helps each other solve problems and develop new solutions.

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Main highlights

  • ClickFunnels is a useful tool for creating landing pages, with an easy drag and drop editor.
  • Easy and comprehensive integration that allows you to capture emails and accept payments directly in ClickFunnels
  • Built with A / B testing capabilities
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Focused on earning more users
  • Visit the Clickfunnels website here.
  •  How sales paths work
  • Before we get into this ClickFunnels Review, let’s explain what a marketing process is. In marketing, it’s a process that takes people who don’t know you and turns them into customers.
  • In e-commerce, a sales funnel is a series of steps designed to lead a visitor to the checkout.

 Therefore, the funnel works step by step, increasing traffic until the potential customer visiting is on the payment page.

ClickFunnels – why is it worth it?

If you wanted to conduct marketing activities yourself, you would have to:
invest in graphics – cost around $250-$500
invest in a programmer – $500 – $1250
pay the copywriter
buy an email marketing system, e.g., Getresponse or Freshmail – $35 / month
pay for hosting – $50-$125 a year
pay for webinar creation software -$25-50 / month
Around $1200 is the price of one project.
20 projects x $1200 = $24000
In Clickfunnels Lite version for $ 97, you can do 20 such projects!

  • Super easy to create complete funnel workflows
  • Editor balances ease of use with flexibility
  • Integrates with major email and payment providers
  • Nice-looking templates for each type of funnel
  • Excellent training materials and ongoing weekly webinars

Pros – ClickFunnels review

Drag and drop Website
BuilderSuper easy to create complete funnel workflows
The ease of creating landing pages is impressive. Drag and drop, and at the same time, it can be easily customized.
Simplicity means that everyone can build a website, not just a designer.
ClickFunnels offers simple templates that you can start with, and you can easily create a great branded page. You can save the templates for later use.

A / B tests
The built-in A / B tests are also excellent. All you have to do is duplicate the page, make changes, and choose the traffic you want to see in version A or B.

Integrates with significant email and payment providers
I think ClickFunnels is pretty good at integrating the API. Email autoresponders and payment processors are not too difficult – they work reliably and are easy to manage.

WordPress plugin
You’ll also find a useful WordPress plugin that lets you add ClickFunnels pages to your WordPress site. This saves a lot of time and is much less cumbersome than working between ClickFunnels and WordPress without a plugin. The WordPress Clickfunnels plugin also has a solid 4.4 stars in the WordPress plugin repository, with over 20,000 active installations.

All in one
In general, it’s great to have such centralized functions: I can build landing pages, create forms and order forms, and run emails from one platform.

Good training materials and ongoing weekly webinars

Cons – ClickFunnels review

Relatively expensive; however, you’ll be able to immediately return your $ 97 a month for your first sale

Some Limits
Limits on the number of paths, pages, and visitors under the standard plan, although 100 pages and 20 paths is a lot unless you start building projects as a service

Support is not as good as you might expect.

ClickFunnels Review – Pricing


ClickFunnels has two main pricing plans; its Standard Clickfunnels Plan and Platinum Clickfunnels Plan.
In addition they offer Two Comma Plan X – The Two Comma Club is an elite group of online entrepreneurs bound together by two things: they have reached one million dollars in revenue using a single funnel and they use Click funnels also to be in that club.

Even their standard plan begins on the more expensive side.
Clickfunnels costs $ 97 monthly, and Platinum costs $ 297 monthly. It’s also a good idea to use the 14-day free trial period to try out this service, so you don’t have to start an expensive plan right away.
If you pay annually instead of monthly, you get two months for free ($ 997 for ClickFunnels and $ 2,997 for Platinum).

To sum up, ClickFunnels is a very well-optimized tool that will make our work much more comfortable and save a lot of our time on online marketing.
We have many possibilities here that are worth using because it is a pity that such potential is wasted in our hands.
In the beginning, it can be a little hard to comprehend, but practice makes perfect, and after a few funnels that may not have such a conversion, the next and next will be the one after which the sky is the limit.

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