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How many times have you had that…?

You worked hard to create your free lead magnet, and it turned out that it was covered with dust in the downloaded folder and nobody used your effort.

The standard ways to build an email list may not work anymore.

And here, the quiz funnel, a fun way to engage your audience and grow your email list, can come into play.

Whether you’re selling your or someone else’s products on an e-commerce platform, building a brand, providing training in various areas, or simply working on your blog, a funnel quiz can bring you many benefits!

A well-built quiz funnel is an effective process that you will develop over and over again, depending on the goal you want to achieve.

Build a quiz and feed engaged viewers to become your customers!

Remember, a quiz funnel can feed your list with a committed audience who will become your customers.

It is an effective process that you will develop once and use multiple times depending on the goal you want to achieve.
A quiz type of list-building funnel works well!

How does a quiz funnel work?

Visitors start to move through the quiz funnel by answering a series of questions.

The quiz outcomes give you a profile or picture to tell you what type or category they fit into.

Use the quiz funnel outcomes to deliver personal recommendations for different users and personalized messages to different user segments.

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 Benefits of a quiz marketing funnel

1. The quiz will help you build a contact base

The contact database (email list) can be one of the most valuable resources for your business.

Nowadays, data collection by traditional methods can be a slow and costly process. Meanwhile, quizzes are a fun and inexpensive way to grow your email list. You can use it to sell, promote and build brand awareness.

 If your quiz is exciting and easy to complete, your respondents will be happy to take the time to review and share it on social platforms, and you’ll get new contacts for your database.

2. Quizzes help you get to know your viewers better

Do you sell your products? A quiz can help you with that!

Create a quiz that will tell the user which product from your offer will be the most suitable for them – e.g., “What’s your biggest hair concern?”.

After completing the quiz, show him the page with the specific product tailored to the quiz’s outcome.

If customers get help finding what they need, they’ll likely make a purchase.

Use the quiz funnel to understand your client’s goals and concerns, then offer them products tailored to their needs.

The funnel quiz is a massive help in segmenting your potential customers.

3. The quiz will increase users engagement

The people who visit your site within seconds decide whether they want to stay on or leave it.

What can you do to encourage them to stay longer on your site? Create a quiz! It will help increase user engagement and make them stay on your site longer.

But it is not everything! If you publish the quiz on your social media and it gets a lot of interest, it will be shared, liked, and commented on, and the engagement on your profile will be even greater. What’s more – you have a good chance of increasing the number of your followers.

4. Quiz results will help you produce a better content marketing

Content creation is a crucial element of marketing.

Would you like to know what content to create to attract more people? You can learn how to create quiz funnels.

Each answer to your quiz is a great opportunity to learn about the preferences and interests of your target customer.

The quiz result can become a mine of ideas for content for your website.

They can also be a great alternative to traditional articles and posts you publish on your blog.

And in the future, it will allow you to create better advertising campaigns.

Enrich your content with additional interactive elements to increase the audience’s interest in your message!

 Create an awesome quiz

Your quiz needs to be related to your website content, attractive, and suitable for web browsers and social users to achieve the intended goal.

You can’t forget to optimize the quiz for mobile devices as well.

A crucial part of your quiz will be the final part, in which you will ask the user for their email address which automatically will be stored in your email list.

Step 1. Define your goals.

To be able to design a marketing strategy that will deliver results, it’s essential to know the market you’re targeting.

People can buy online, but you should be able to find out where they are buying from and which platforms they are most likely to use.

If unsure, you can use the analytics tools to learn more.

What information do you need to be as easy and effective as possible for a potential client?

To increase your web traffic, you need to optimize your site, including using keywords in your content and making your site user-friendly and accessible to search engines. 

To ensure you don’t have trouble getting traffic, you need to make your site attractive, attractive, and easy to navigate.

Step 2. What kind of quiz are you going to create?

The personality quiz

Each answer identifies a specific personality type in a series of multiple-choice questions.

After completing the quiz, you can define the user’s personality type that fits most of their answers.

The video quiz

The user watches the video and answers questions directly during the interactive experience – especially great for educational content forms as it allows the user to test themselves as well as the content author to see if they are storing the information correctly.

Quiz Contest

Another excellent way for marketers to get more newsletter subscribers or attract new leads is to offer rewards or gifts to those who take the quiz.

You can achieve this by adding a contest to any other type of quiz. For example, you can create a rewarding educational quiz for participants who get a perfect score.

An Assessment Quiz

This type of quiz will give you a score and the user’s personality associated with the accuracy of the answers. 

Mainly, with this type of online quiz, users answer a series of multiple-choice questions, where each answer points to a specific personality type.

Upon completion, the users are presented with products or solutions that match their personality.

Step 3. Create your quiz content!

Pick a relevant topic and title.

Choose a suitable topic and title for your quiz.

When creating a marketing funnel quiz for your marketing funnel, choose a topic that is interesting and fun for your audience.

Each audience is different, so it’s important to consider who you want to serve and what they need.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to success when it comes to marketing.

The quiz title should be logically relevant to the quiz topic and attractive to the people.

Create quiz questions and choice of answers

People love quizzes because we hope to learn more about ourselves from their results.

The key to writing great quiz questions for your visitors is to ask them as if you were talking to them in person.

Imagine you are sitting with someone and asking them questions to learn more about them.

Your questions and possible answers must be relevant to the quiz topic, be creative, and arouse curiosity.

Remember that your main goal is to learn as much as possible about the participants in the quiz, but in the context of what you intend to offer them in the future.

Step 4. Prepare the quiz results.

The next step is the quiz results that you communicate to the user.

Presenting the results should be attractive and visually appealing to the recipient.

Right now is the moment your audience has been waiting for.

There is a specific process for writing quiz results that leads to more shares and a higher click-through rate:

Place a graphical representation of the result.
You want visitors to share their results, and the featured image showing each result is more attractive than the overall one.

Include a short description of the result.

Provide at least three or four sentences describing each score in a cheerful tone. It tends to get the best audience response and encourage as many shares as possible.

Call To Action (CTA) 

CTA is your chance to take advantage of the curiosity generated by the quiz and use it to encourage people to continue to engage with your brand.

In the CTA section, you can offer quiz participants more resources related to the quiz outcome.

To make the quiz results even more attractive and amaze your audience, you can create a landing page for just that.
A custom landing page allows you to add extra value that increases the engagement level of your quiz participants.

Step 5. Opt-In Form and Email Platform Integration.

The form in which you collect information about quiz participants is an essential part of your funnel.

An email platform that you integrate with your form will allow you to automatically collect information about a quiz participant, store it in a database, and later use it for, e.g., nurturing campaigns.

The opt-in form should appear after the last question but before revealing the quiz results; therefore, it serves as a gate.

A good quiz should take about two to three minutes. After that time, since the quiz participant has already invested in seeing their results, the email form is not usually viewed as a significant obstacle.

The most popular and affordable email marketing platforms on the market are Mailchimp, AWeber, Getresponse, and SendinBlue.

Step 6. Share and promote

You’ve just put in a lot of effort to create an attractive and compelling quiz.

One more effort awaits you – to promote this quiz so that as many people as possible would like to use it.
It takes a little more effort than pasting a link on all your social media platforms and hoping for the best.

Company’s Website

The obvious place to promote the quiz is your website. The home page is the right place. Place it above the page header or in the sidebar for best results.

Social media

Social platforms are an important place for your quiz promotion.

Most people post the link on their Facebook page. It’s still a very important platform but use it more comprehensively.

Join the appropriate Facebook groups, but remember that you can’t just post your link. It will likely be considered spam, and the post will be removed.

Join these groups in advance, participate in discussions, and post valuable information. Become a valuable member of this community, and your link to the quiz will certainly be received much better. 

Create a Facebook ad campaign to promote your quiz if your budget allows.

Other platforms you can use to promote are Twitter (be sure to use the appropriate hashtags) or Pinterest.


The relevant forums can also be a good place; remember that, as with Facebook groups, you must first become an active and valuable member of them.

Email Campaign

If you have an email list, use it to encourage subscribers to take the quiz.
Email blast is the best way to communicate with your existing users.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the more effective your quiz funnel is, the faster you can grow your list. Here are some tips to help you create a quiz funnel that will be effective for your business:

1. Create a question that can easily be answered with just a click.
2. Ask the question in a way that is relevant to your audience.
3. Make sure the answers are compelling and offer valuable information.
4. Deliver the right content at the right time.
5. Use a call to action that’s relevant to your audience.

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