6 Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

In a world of ever-changing technology and constantly evolving user behavior, email marketing will continue to be one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged.

There’s no doubt that email marketing will play a major role in business core communications and personal relationships in the next few years, but what trends will impact its future?

 As more and more people turn to their smartphones to check email, marketers can’t afford to miss out on this channel.
But, despite the growth of mobile devices and apps, email still has a place in the market.

Email effectively reaches customers, builds customer relationships, increases conversions, generates leads, nurtures customers, and boosts ROI. It’s still the most efficient way to reach your customers and prospects.

You need an email marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital marketing industry. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five biggest trends that will shape email marketing in the year ahead.

So what will be driving email marketing trends in the coming years? We asked the experts. Here are the top 5 things we think marketers can’t ignore in the next few years.

The Future of Mobile

Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage.  In the years to come, the rise of mobile phones and mobile devices will continue to accelerate the growth of digital marketing industry.
Marketers must adapt and shift their content, strategies, and processes to take advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile.

The growth in mobile will be exciting. Many consumers are getting tired of the same old boring emails they get from retailers.
We’ll see more personalized content from retailers with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Many companies are already using AI to provide better customer service and to sell products and services better.
The rise in mobile internet usage is because people are now more likely to be online. This is because many people own a mobile phone, so more and more mobile internet users are coming online on their phones rather than computers.

There is also the fact that we are more likely to have our phones in our hands. Mobile internet usage has gone up because we are more likely to use our phones for various things, such as talking to people, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games. This may lead to the decline of traditional desktops and laptops.  


Shortly, you will notice that many companies will create more products that are only available on mobile devices.
It means that you will need to be on the lookout for products available only on mobile devices.

 The Rise of Short Visual Content

Today’s consumers are no longer interested in reading long text-based emails. They expect to see visual content—that’s a big shift from traditional email newsletters and campaigns that use text-based content.

 In the future, more brands will make more use of short visual content in emails and other marketing campaigns.
The reason is simple: Visual content is more engaging than text, and more people share it on social media.
But there’s a trick to making the most of the medium. “You don’t need a million photos,” says Mark Schaefer in an interview with Small Business Trends.
Instead, use short visual content in a way that builds on the customer’s interests or connects them to something they already care about.

This is likely why platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Reels, and others have gained rapid growth and marketing interest. 

The rise of short visual content is a trend we’re seeing across several industries in the coming years.
Short videos, GIFs, and images are becoming more popular in email marketing to increase engagement. In fact, in a study by MailChimp, 63% of people surveyed say they’d rather receive email marketing that includes at least one image.

The Next Gen Influencer Marketing

In 2021 Influencer Marketing will evolve from a trend to a common marketing tactics.

Influencer marketing is all about the authenticity and credibility of the influencer.
While email marketing is still an excellent strategy for reaching a large audience, influencer marketing is better to engage and connect with a smaller audience.
It helps build brand loyalty and trust, which leads to repeat purchases.

 Influencer marketing aims to make your brand more human, relatable, and authentic, and influencer marketing helps achieve this goal.

 This is because most people like to follow other people who are doing things they like, and influencer marketing allows you to show them what you’re really about.

 It’s also why influencer marketing has grown in popularity over the last few years. And it won’t stop growing.

Influencer marketing will be bigger than ever in 2022. This will be another point in email marketing trends in 2022.

 The importance of content marketing trends and the expansion of social media platforms, such as Instagram, has made it easier to get creative and engaging email content out there. It’s also become more acceptable to share content from others, particularly if it includes a brand or product. 

Influencer marketing is becoming a more mainstream tactic for marketers who want to create authentic content that resonates with their right audience and promotes brand awareness.

Businesses will still focus on SEO to concur search traffic

If a business wants to get new customers, then it must focus on SEO as an integral part of its content in b2c marketing strategy. It can provide both long-term and short-term traffic returns.

Yes, Google is still the big game in town, but SEO is no longer the only game in town. It’s the one thing all businesses should be doing and not ignoring.


As consumers continue to look for businesses online, they’re also continuing to demand more and more data from companies.
The data they want includes traditional search metrics like bounce rate and time-on-site and social analytics, user comments, customer reviews, and other metrics that will give them insight into how a business is performing and where improvements can be made.

More brands are hiring SEO experts because they know the value and power of SEO. If you own a small business or a website, SEO will be one of the most important elements in your marketing mix.

 If you don’t understand how to optimize your content for search engines, your business will suffer in the long run. 

Even if you aren’t a big brand or a high-profile company, there are ways to optimize your site for search engines such as Google and Bing.
However, there are things you should consider before you start using SEO techniques. 

For instance, if you are running a real estate website, you should avoid some SEO practices. This is because real estate sites have to be optimized for different search engines. 

You can also make use of social media platforms to increase the traffic to your site. In addition, make sure that your content is relevant. 

Personalization: Still the Key to Market Success

Personalized email marketing will be on the rise in 2022, and for a good reason. People are more likely to use personalized content than generic messages. As more and more customers are buying online, they expect a personalized experience.

This is why companies like Facebook and Google spend such a huge amount of time figuring out which words and phrases to use when sending their users’ personal emails.

 In the past, this meant using the first name of the recipient. But as people become increasingly familiar with how businesses use personalization in emails, they’ll want more. They’ll also want more from the content of those emails.

 Personalization is an important factor in your email effective campaigns, and if you want to be seen as a thought leader, you must embrace this technology. It could result in higher open rates.

The ability to target your audience based on the content they’re already engaging with is one of the most important email marketing trends to watch.

As your business grows, your database of customers and prospects will grow with you.

 Separating lists for customers, former customers, and hot prospects is a given but won’t be enough in 2022. 

When it comes to subject lines, body content, timing, and even the types of offers presented, personalized emails can and should be developed to make each customer or prospect feel like your only customer or prospect.

As a result, many email marketers will be able to put a face to their email addresses, and email will be used to get to know individuals on a deeper level than ever before.

People are more likely to open emails from brands with whom they’re familiar, so email marketers will continue to build a stronger reputation in consumers’ minds.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Tools

“By 2022, we expect that emails will be sent by a mix of human and AI agents, and the number of messages sent will decrease,” according to Google. That means, of course, that if you want your messages to get read, you’ll need to take some extra steps. 

First, send fewer messages.
Second, tailor them so that they’re personalized and valuable. 
And third, use AI to automate some of the tasks.

Artificial intelligence is becoming the norm. Many AI-driven services are being incorporated into email marketing, allowing for more effective and personalized email experiences. 

With AI-powered personalization comes the ability to learn which emails resonate with different segmentation of customers, resulting in improved engagement and increased conversions.

 And while many think AI will take over, many experts feel it will be used to augment existing tools.


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality 

Virtual and augmented reality is the next big thing when it comes to online marketing. 

Consumers are already taking to these platforms to experience virtual reality. 

The more people that adopt this technology, the faster VR and AR will take off. So how can you be one of the first businesses to jump on the bandwagon?

 “Virtual reality” and “augmented reality” are new technologies that blur the line between reality and virtuality. 

The technology is still in its early stages. Still, the idea of interacting with digital information via the use of headsets or by placing your phone in a VR or AR environment is very exciting. 

When it comes to email marketing trends, marketers should consider how to use these technologies to increase customer engagement and create a more immersive experience for them.

It’s a good idea for businesses to research inexpensive hardware options to combine with email marketing software.

 Marketers should also use the opportunity to make their customers aware of what’s happening with their business through the use of AR and VR content.

Live Chatbots

Live chat and email marketing are two great ways to convert your visitors into leads.

 Live chat helps you to connect with your visitors. You can ask them questions or engage them in a discussion. 

On the other hand, email marketing allows you to convert your subscribers into buyers.

 The way you present yourself in email can make or break your business.

 Email marketers are very busy, and they spend most of their time on their businesses.
That’s why they need a tool that can help them to improve their business and keep their customers.

 This is where email marketing and live chat come in. They can work together and create an excellent customer experience.

 When you use a live chat feature on your website, you can attract more people to your website. 

Most of the people who visit your site are potential customers. This is because most people have a strong desire to communicate with someone. 

Therefore, they are interested in finding out more about your products. When you allow them to ask questions and interact with you, they feel more engaged with you. 

It is because you are providing them with a human-like experience. You are treating them like a friend.

 People who like talking with others, who are comfortable expressing themselves, and familiar with technology tend to use live chat a lot more.

 So, you should be using a live chat feature on your website if you want to reach more customers.

Email marketing trends are constantly changing. The most important thing for an e-marketer is to keep up with the latest changes and adapt his/her techniques to new ones.

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