12 Best Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads in 2022

12 Methods for Real Estate Lead Generation

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Businesses of all types need leads, but for real estate businesses that require a steady stream of prospects, lead generation is one of the most critical aspects of the company.

We agree that real estate lead generation marketing can be challenging, but it is not impossible.

Real estate leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business and important part of Real Estate Sales Funnel. 

And while many people are talking about generating leads for their real estate business, the fact is that leads are everywhere, and you have to find them.

Many Realtors still use inefficient lead generation methods such as door knocking.

There’s no question about it; if you want to generate high-quality leads, you have to be open to new ways of acquiring them to be able able to fill up your pipeline.

 Let’s dive into some of the best ways to generate leads for your real estate business in 2022.

Best ways to generate leads for your real estate business in 2022

1. Consider using an Automated Lead Generation System.

Real estate lead generation systems are one of the best ways to generate leads. They allow you to create automated emails, pop-ups and even live chat conversations with interested customers.

Some of the most effective lead generation systems on the market are available as apps and can be integrated into your existing website or CRM.

Examples of the best Lead Generation Software For Realtors you can find here

2. Write A Real Estate Blog People Want To Read

Writing a well-optimized, relevant blog is an excellent way to attract and keep new clients. 

Some blogs are much more successful than others. So, what’s the secret? How do you create a blog people actually want to read?

Provide solutions to problems your audience have:

If your audience has a problem for which they need a solution, you’re in business.

Remember, if you’re not solving a problem for your reader, they’ll stop reading.

Think about it like this: When you buy a car, do you want to read reviews from people who think they know everything about cars?

Or do you want to read reviews from people who can actually help you choose a car that will suit your needs? 

People put real-life questions into their favorite search engine for answers.

Should I sell my own home? What renovations will give me the most money? Which neighborhoods have the best schools? 

The biggest goal of your blog will be to answer these questions and solve your potential client’s problems.

An attractive blog could be an excellent source of real estate lead generation.

Use awesome graphics

One of the most important things to remember about a real estate blog is visual.

Create a unique and visually exciting design for your blog.

The best blogs use bright colors and large fonts to make your content easy to scan.

You can also use infographics and other visual elements on your blog.

The more visually appealing your content, the more likely it is to be shared by people on their social media searching for information.

Blog regularly.

If you want to generate leads for your real estate business, you need to blog regularly.

The more often you post content, the better your chances of attracting new clients.

Consider starting with a schedule that you follow religiously.

Include links in your blog posts that redirect visitors to your website or Facebook page.

That will encourage them to share your content with their friends and family.

Go for evergreen content.

People want to read content that will help them today and in the future.

One way to achieve this is to create evergreen content.

Evergreen content refers to content that never goes out of date.

 For example, if you’re writing a blog about home maintenance, don’t just write about how to do something now.

Instead, consider writing about the top home maintenance projects you can tackle as an investor.

Create a library of evergreen content.

You can use this library to create content for various types of clients.

For example, you can create content specific to millennials, targeted to first-time home buyers, content for the entire family, etc.

When you create content relevant to a particular type of client, you’re much more likely to attract them to your website.

Guest blog on authoritative websites:

Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase your online visibility. 

The idea is to find an authoritative website, write an article or news piece for them for free, and get a bio that tells a little about you.

 A bio is one of the most undervalued tools for building your business.

In addition to benefiting from the backlinks and social signals that come from being a guest writer on an authoritative site, you also benefit from the credibility you build.

Guest blogging can contribute to your real estate lead generation system.

3. Use Facebook lead generation ads.

Facebook real estate lead generation ads are still a great way to generate leads for your real estate business in 2022.

Facebook lead ads are just like regular ads that show up in your target’s timeline.

 Instead of directing people to a landing page, they integrate a simple form so users can fill it out quickly and send you their information.

By minimizing the steps people need to complete, you can get more people to like, comment, and share your ad.

 For more information on creating Facebook ads for Real Estate, click here.

4. Create video testimonials for social proof

If you want to succeed in real estate, you need to consider video testimonials as a valuable tool for real estate lead generation.

In addition to being more efficient than reading text, videos can also help people visualize your product or service.

Customer testimonials are all about sharing stories. 

If customers don’t have a story beyond “we use this service and it’s helpful,” then you might be better off searching for another subject. 

Making sure that customers’ stories are grounded in concrete problems, solutions, and benefits is what makes for a powerful testimonial.

Many people are skeptical about real estate agents.

They think they’re all scammers and only want to get rich off of people’s hard-earned money.

If you can prove to them that you’re a trustworthy real estate agent, then you’ll be able to attract more clients.

5. Ask for referrals from clients

Undeniably, referrals are one of the most important sources of new business for real estate agents.

It’s important always to ask your current clients for referrals.

You can also reach out to past clients you haven’t worked with within a while.

The idea is that you can find people looking to sell or buy a home, and offer to help them with that transaction.

If you do this well, you can start building your grid of contacts.

This network of contacts will eventually turn into referrals.

The lifetime value is much greater for those who are referred than for those who weren’t.

A referred customer has a 16% higher lifetime value than a non-referred client.

And because your past clients aren’t likely to give you referrals unless you ask, the best way to get more referrals is to offer something of value to your current clients for referrals.

It could be a free service, gift, or a discount on a product or service.

In brief, if you want to get referrals, you need to ask for them.

6. Learn How to Prospect on LinkedIn

As I have said before, real estate agents need to start thinking like marketers.

You can see this in how they market themselves online. 

Realtors are not only on Facebook, and they’re not only on Instagram. They’re on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an online professional network and business-oriented social media tool with more than 740 million active users in more than 200 countries.

As of October 2021, LinkedIn had an audience reach of 180 million users in the United States.  

LinkedIn’s tools allow users to create professional profiles, post updates, interact and find connections with others.

Start by building your own profile, and then build your network of contacts.

Potentially such a network could be a valuable tool for real estate lead generation.

7. Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that lets you set up automated searches on a topic you’re interested in.

Use Google alerts for your real estate business to stay up-to-date with relevant information about your industry and your competitors.

For example, you could sign up for a Google alert that says “best ways to generate leads for real estate” and have it notify you whenever this search term is used anywhere online.

Try alerts for keywords such as “buy real estate,” “sell real estate,” “realtor.”

You can also search for local keywords like “real estate agents in [city],” “how to start a real estate business,” “selling real estate in [city],” and so on.


  • Go to https://www.google.com/alerts
  • Enter your keywords or phrases (narrow it down, so you get specific results)
  • Use quotation marks around your phrases if you want an exact match
  • Click “Show Options”
  • Select your preferred settings
  • Click “Create Alert”

8. Start a real estate podcast

A real estate podcast is a short audio series that tells a story about real estate. 

It’s a very good way to build your brand and connect with potential clients.

You can use a podcast for a variety of purposes. You can promote your business, educate people, and tell stories.

You can create a podcast for yourself, your business, or someone else. 

There are several ways to go about creating a real estate podcast.

One option is to record a podcast that shares tips on how to sell more houses. 

Another option is to create a podcast that talks about the latest trends in real estate. 

The third option is to create a podcast that tells the story of one of your clients. 

For example, you could interview a seller who just sold their home.

Podcasting will continue to grow in popularity during the next 12 months. 

Podcasting is still growing in popularity during the next 12 months.

A survey in 2021 found that 57 percent of American consumers listen to audio podcasts, compared with 55 percent the previous year.

9. Create appealing contact forms 

An excellent contact form will help you qualify visitors, make them feel welcome, and lead them to become your customers.

Qualified visitors should find it easy and convenient to fill out their contact details if they’re interested in a particular property.

It’s vital to have a contact form on your homepage or a property landing page that allows visitors to tell you what they’re looking for in a property.

When you get listings that meet those criteria, you can easily follow up with qualified leads.

10. Become a source of local real estate investing advice

Real estate investors sometimes look for real estate agents to partner with or seek advice from. 

Position yourself as a go-to source of valuable online and offline advice.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at two ways to market yourself as an expert in real estate investing.

One way would be to create a blog that talks about the different types of real estate investment strategies.

Another way is to create a podcast to interview people who are already investing in real estate. 

You can also create a YouTube channel that shares videos on real estate investing. 

You could also write a blog post on how to find the best real estate deals in your area. 

Furthermore, you could offer an online course on real estate investing or host a free webinar about the topic.

11. Work expired listings

What Is an Expired Listing?

An expired listing is just what it sounds like. 

When you list a property for sale, it gets a specific sale duration. 

Once the period runs out, the listing expires. 

The listing period is generally between 6 months and two years.

After that, the listing is removed from MLS.

How do you get expired listings?

 Identify them with the MLS listing, ask other Realtors, search public records in your area (often at a city hall or county courthouse) or simply buy them.

Every real estate agent goes into damage control mode if a listing expires.

The client, who has been through countless showings, open houses, and staging, won’t be happy about the setback.

But that frustration can create an opportunity for you. You can swoop in and convince the seller why they should re-list with you.

Understand the situation

It would help ease your potential clients’ fears, but you also need to understand why the property didn’t sell. 

Ask yourself: Was the price too high? Did the house not have enough bedrooms? 

Will the house sell for less than the obligation owed on it? 

Was the property missing something?

Once you spot an attractive expired listing, how do you turn that seller into your customer?

If you decide the listing fits your criteria, the most common course of action is to send what’s called an “expired listing letter.”

Your letter to the client is your chance to make an excellent first impression.

 It’s your official introduction to the client and your best shot at winning a sale opportunity.

  • Sent your letter at the best time: the day a listing expires or the very next day
  • Present your marketing plan outline
  • Give your potential customer some insight into what went wrong with their original listing; offer a free report
  • Include a strong call to action

Do not be afraid to deal with expired listings. 

They can be an excellent aid for your real estate lead generation system.

12. Send out personalized ‘thank you’ postcards.

Sending a handwritten thank you card can help make a good impression on people. 

You can send these types of thank you cards to clients who have just closed on a deal or leads that have warmed up. 

You can also send cards to clients who haven’t closed yet.

In addition, you can send thank you cards to your team members to show them how much you appreciate their contributions. 

A thank you card is an excellent way to remind someone of the help they provided and make it easier for you to get new leads in the future.

Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics – Conclusion

It’s clear that the best real estate leads come from providing an exceptional client experience. 

That’s why you should focus on building your reputation as an expert and providing outstanding client service.

But if you’re just starting, it’s better to focus on real estate lead generation with inexpensive, sometimes innovative methods.

There are several ideas in this article that can help you do that.

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