10 EASY STEPS TO CREATE A LIST-BUILDING FUNNEL – Create Unstoppable Email List Building Funnels

list-building funnel

Are you looking for a way to grow your email list? Building a mailing list is critical because it’s the best way to build intimate relationships with potential customers.
A properly constructed list-building funnel will help you a lot.

What is a list-building funnel?

The list-building funnel lets you create sign-up pages and send follow-up emails to your contacts. You can use it to get new leads and engage the contacts already on your list by sending them automated messages.

list-building funnel

You’ll need to create a few key elements to build a well-oiled, automated funnel that attracts new subscribers on autopilot.

Step 1. Define the goal of your list-building funnel

You have to answer what you want to achieve, whether more subscribers, increase product sales, new customer appointments, etc.

This element can determine the form of your message.

Step 2. Determine your ideal client

Create an avatar based on demographic and psychographic data –

the methodology of studying consumers based on psychological characteristics and traits such as values, desires, goals, interests, and lifestyle choices

Step 3. Choose the correct topic of your list-building funnel

Focus on one specific problem and solution that produces immediate results.

Step 4. Select a format

Try to research your specific market segment to see which format for your message is most appropriate.

list-building funnel

There is an extensive collection of methods that can help you cope with this task. Examples include:

  • Landing Pages
  • Video
  • Online event
  • Contests
  • Survey
  • Quiz

Step 5. Offer a worthy lead magnet

Provide your prospect with useful bonuses in exchange for their contact details.

For example, you can offer various discounts or access to unique content such as e-books, research, courses, checklists, surveys, quizzes, etc. This approach will encourage potential customers to subscribe.

It’s essential to show the incentive value on your acceptance pages; whatever you offer, let others know its value.

list-building funnel

If you don’t want your list-building funnel magnet to be a roadblock in your list-building funnel, it should be able to be consumed or experienced within five minutes.

If your Lead Magnet is difficult to consume (a 200-page book, a 21-day email course), this offer’s conversion rates suffer.

Step 6. Opt-in page

In this step, you can create an opt-in page that will encourage contacts to sign up for your list. The page will have a form, as well as an exit pop-up to it. 

Exit pop up appears when your visitors try to exit the page, encouraging them to sign up. It’s a last-ditch attempt to keep your prospects on the page. 

While many people don’t like them, they are effective at creating lists. According to the Beekiting service, e-commerce companies can save up to 35% of lost visitors thanks to exit pop-ups.

An opt-in page in your list-building funnel is an excellent opportunity to inform your leads what they will get after signing up.

Most email marketing platforms offer various templates you can use to ensure you include all essential conversion elements. All templates are categorized by the types of products that you might be offering.

There are a few common types and locations of forms you can use when constructing your list-building funnel:

  • Pop-ups It’s a good idea to display a pop-up related to the content users are currently viewing or leaving the page.
  • Embedded forms. They appear in the sidebar or footer. If you want to catch your visitors’ attention, you should make them stand out to attract the visitor’s attention.
  • Fixed forms. They are located at the web page set and remain there until they are closed or read by the customer. This form will not upset your customers but may still arouse their interest.
  • Float forms. If you want to expand your email list, you have to use floating forms. They can be attached to any part of the website and will not disappear until the reader takes any action. It is a great way to promote new products and attractive offers.

Step 7. Download page

After your visitor has confirmed their email address, send them to the page where they can claim their bonus.

The page should be clean, with a prominent link to access your gift.

Of course, you can’t forget to say thank you; you should build the best possible relationship with your potential customer at every stage of your funnel.

Step 8. Follow-up emails in your list-building funnel

Before you try to sell your product, provide valuable content and build relationships.
Craft an email campaign – in a series of emails, try to put yourself in an expert’s role providing value and offering solutions to problems.
You need to nurture them with your content.

After 4 – 6 messages, you can present your offer.

Step 9. Promote

Drive traffic to your opt-in page and sign-up forms from multiple sources.

Organic Google traffic

Build-up backlinks, share your content, optimize your posts. The key to SEO is patience. It does work, but you have to give it time and don’t expect overnight results.

High-quality posts

Writing high-quality posts is, without a doubt, the most significant indicator of whether or not you will get traffic to your blog; when the quality slips, so does the traffic. You should regularly review your old posts; some of them will require updates or revamping. 

When you improve the quality of your posts, the traffic will go through the roof.

Using social platforms in your list-building funnel

Use your social media accounts to promote your content.

Below are few sample scenarios on how you can use specific platforms to benefit your mailing list.

  • Facebook – regularly produce new posts, consider creating a Facebook group, gather users potentially interested in your niche. Of course, paid advertising is always an option.
  • Twitter Twitter can be your loyal friend when it comes to bringing the traffic. The great thing about Twitter is that the more you grow your following, the more impact your account will have on your website in terms of traffic.
  • It’s is also great at helping you to grow your email list. Post your landing page link on your profile, and direct people to download your freebie. That will bring you consistent sign-ups.
  • Pinterest Pinterest can be responsible for a very significant portion of your traffic. Pinterest is not only a social media platform; it is also a search engine. And once you’ve mastered how to pin consistent and high-quality graphics, it’s a truly reliable source of high-quality traffic.
  • Instagram Don’t use Instagram solely to get traffic to your blog; use it massively to drive traffic to your landing page and help build your email list. Instagram is excellent for that. When creating a new post, tell people to go and check out your freebie listed on your profile page. As your account grows, so will your email sign-ups.

Step 10. Evaluate results

Once you have all the pieces in place, keep reviewing your statistics to see where you can improve your conversions and achieve your goals faster.

Follow the most important metrics and tweak your list building funnel accordingly.

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